the sinner

An excursion into east-meets-west with sounds from Arabian cafes, sonic postcards from Rio and deep modes from European jazz quarters

Available on download and vinyl from Sudden Hunger Records

The Sinner vinyl lp



BIH001 1999

The mood is modal

SCCD 324 2000/2010

Les Hommes LP

SCLP 331 2002

Les Hommes LP

ESL 056 2002

Intraspettro 10"

SCEP 340 2001


Les Hommes were one of the foundation combos of the late '90s jazz exotica and lounge scene combining 1960s organ group tropes with contemporary arrangements and sound-sources. They released two albums on Italy's Schema Records and ESL in the US and performed extensively around Europe and cities of Asia.

The assortment of pseudo-cinematronic sounds, mondo moods and vintage Brazilian grooves resulted in respectable global album sales and established them within a unique niche in the jazzpop and exotica panorama.

Fast forward to now and the trio has regrouped for The Sinner - 12 new compositions taking Les Hommes's out-there sonorities on another global trek with ventures into Arabic modes, cine-lounge and re-imaginings of late '50s organ-driven jazz samba.